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Happy First Day of May!

As I begin to create more posts beyond the pantry, each month I plan to share a  “favorites post”  with my current obsessions, product reviews and items that I think everyone should know about.  These will consist of products I love and brands I support.

If you see any item that interests you, click on the link below the description and that will take you straight to the products website.





Williams Sonoma is one of my all time favorite places to shop for kitchen essentials. When you cook and bake as much as I do, you want products that are durable, chip resistant, and easy to clean. Most of the ceramics, like the Emily Henderson collection, are made with a special clay that help the food bake evenly, and stay warm when entertaining. Each piece is handcrafted, making it unique, and beautifully sculpted. While they are a bit pricey, the quality of their products is superb, which makes each item a great investment.

Some of my favorite French inspired collections include:

  • The Le Creuset Collection in color: Meringue ( which I own certain pieces )
  • Emily Henry Collection in color: White ( Future Investment )



Sur La Table is another favorite store with a ton of specialty kitchen gadgets. One of my items is their Pearl dinnerware, which is listed below. Classic, chic, with a traditional vibe. Perfect for entertaining or every day use. Keep an eye on this store because during each holiday they run amazing deals.  I’m determined to get the mini waffle maker, so cute!



Nordstrom is one of my favorite shopping places for clothes and home decor. The Rachel Parcell home decor line has had a ton of items on sale recently with great reviews. Her pillows and blankets are beautifully soft, and provide the perfect accent for any neutral living room. Another great item for your home are the luxurious Voluspa candles.  Their scents are long lasting and the textured glass is so chic. My favorite scent is their Rose candle.




Target has made some massive shifts within in the world of both home decor and fashion. A turning point for me was the addition of Joanna Gaines Magnolia line, which offers a rustic farmhouse interior style.  I learn more towards traditional home decor, but there is always room for overlap, and I enjoy many of her products.

Target has also jumped on board with the affordable fruit trees and florals.  We having been planning to add a faux fig tree to our living room, and Target has so many options.  Recently we purchased the chair I tagged below, which is one of my favorite purchased items to date. The light brown color blends perfectly with our neutral grey and white living room. The chair is so comfortable, and very affordable. Target also came out with a bunch of decorative baskets, which we plan to use as storage for pantry items and blankets for the living room. I just love Target!



Loft is one of my favorite clothing stores for  professional and casual looks. Most of my work clothes are from  the Loft, being a petite friendly store, I find their pants and dresses are at the appropriate length and fit. They also offer maternity, plus size and regular clothing, giving everyone the chance to enjoy their style. I recently purchased the items below, and I love the neutral colors. They look great on any skin tone and the florals are so classy.



Speaking of floral, Anthropology is the home of all things boho chic and floral. While they are known for having many upscale items, as of lately, there has been a ton of sales. Their monogram mugs are super trendy and I’m in love with the ceramic cherry basket for housing fresh berries.


Ever since the COVID-19 lock down it’s been hard to find chocolate chips and gluten-free flour, but these items have been in stock that last few times I’ve had to order. I’ve tested them in multiple products and the taste is superb!

Also, for any local Arizonian, these Coco Rolls from Sprouts have been a staple treat in our home. All three of these products have simple ingredients and are both gluten and dairy free.


I hope you enjoyed my May monthly favorites. Tune in each month for new inspirations and ideas.


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