Glam Halloween Fireplace Mantel Decor


glam halloween fireplace

Fall is finally here and I’m so happy to share this year’s Glam Halloween Fireplace Mantel Decor!

Every year I look forward to decorating for Fall, but I honestly have never decorated for Halloween. Throughout our home, you’ll always find an abundance of pumpkins, faux and fresh floral, and fall scented candles. This year I decided to get into the holiday spirit by adding just a touch of spooky fun to our fireplace.

Here is a look at our Halloween Fireplace Mantel!

glam halloween fireplace side view

Going for a spooky elegant feel

Looking at our mantel you’ll notice I stuck with mostly neutral florals, which go well with the overall look of our home. I try to pick items that are timeless and can be used again and again for years to come. Though trends can be fun, keeping a consistent style and only purchasing items you love will help save money in the long term.

Adding the bats to the fireplace was a clever way to incorporate a spooky feel but an elegant feel. These stick-on bats are not only inexpensive but easy to assemble and remove.

Notice how the bats appear to be flying out of the fireplace, cascading onto the wall and up toward the ceiling? The “S” curve that the bats create helps give balance to both the top and bottom of the fireplace.

glam halloween fireplace bats going up fireplace

Adding faux floral to the fireplace

The faux floral used is a mixture of both large, medium, and small stems. Most of the floral I repurposed from previous years, but here I’ve listed some similar links below.

Start on the outside of the fireplace with your large floral and work your way toward the middle. Use the smaller items and flowers to fill in any gaps.

Here is a guide of what I used to create this look:

Starting on the outside of the fireplace

  • 4 Large Size Gold Leaf Florals. Face the florals outward, stems facing in.
  • 3 Large Size Silver/Chrome Leaf Florals. Place the silver floral in between the large gold, florals facing outward and stem facing in.
  • 4 Medium Size Gold Flowers, place in between the large florals. Place these between the gaps, separating the large florals.

Fillers in the middle

  • 4 Small Size Silver Stems
  • 4 Small Filler Gold Leaf Stems
  • 6 Small Gold Twigs
  • 6 White Flowers
  • 8 pine cones
  • 3 Medium Size Ceramic Pumpkins
  • 2 Large Ceramic Pumpkins for the base

glam halloween fireplace floral decor

I love how glamorous the fireplace look! The colors and texture pair so well together, and never go out of style.

side chair with pumpkin pillow

We added a few new fall-themed pillows and throws to our living room. This white pumpkin pillow was the perfect addition, and so affordable!

pumpkin pillow

One of my favorite parts of the glam Halloween fireplace decor is the strategically placed white ceramic pumpkins. They are the perfect height for in between our mantel and television.

white pumpkin decor

white pumpkin decor zoomed in

I’m really looking forward to decorating the rest of my home for Fall. Make sure to check back for my Fall Kitchen Tour!


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