White and Gold Fall Kitchen Tour

Fall is officially here and today I am sharing a few simple tricks to infuse your kitchen with fall, in my White and Gold Fall Kitchen Decor Tour! 

The kitchen is the heart of the home and one of the most popular places to gather for entertaining. Our open concept layout gives a sneak peek into our living room and dining area, therefore I wanted the fall kitchen decor to flow seamlessly with the rest of the house. In case you missed it, check out our Glam Halloween Fireplace Mantel Decor!

This year I decided to stick to mostly neutral colors. You’ll notice a lot of white and gold decor, which pairs perfectly with our newly remodeled kitchen. You don’t have to have a ton of Fall decor to cozy up your home, just try to go for things that you love and are timeless, making them reusable in years to come.


kitchen side view

I finally jumped on board with the velvet pumpkin trend and I have to say, I’m obsessed! They are so cute and fun to incorporate all-around your home. There are lots of stores selling similar styles, but my favorite feature of these, in particular, is their realistic looking stems.

Here is an example of a platter I created with 4 large white velvet pumpkins and 2 small gold velvet pumpkins. I filled in the gaps with faux gold floral and pinecones. It is such a simple idea but gives the space a warm feeling.

gold and white velvet pumpkins

kitchen flowers in sink

Whether you use faux or fresh, florals are always a great decor piece at any time of the year. They bring both life and texture to the room.

Check out these amazing hydrangeas! Their autumnal colors give just enough vibrancy to make a statement. They go so well with the cream, gold, and white throughout the area. My favorite cost-effective place to shop for fresh florals is our local Trader Joes. 

My love for hydrangeas didn’t stop with the fresh florals. You’ll also notice a sprinkle of champagne faux hydrangeas tucked into decorative bowls and little nooks, along with more gold leaf springs and pinecones.
homemade white floral wreath

Wreaths are also a great statement piece to showcase at any season. Sticking to the white and gold theme, I created this grapevine white hydrangea wreath that I plan on using again in the Spring. mini decorative pumpkins with flower decor

Check out these decorative white and gold pumpkins. The tiny vase fillers look perfect in this serving bowl, while the others are displayed on various serving boards, cake stand an

When styling your kitchen you want to remember to use a variety of heights and dimensions. You don’t always have to buy a serving tray to showcase your decorative objects.
white pumpkin with gold stem decoration

white pumpkin in cake holder decoration

The metal fall wreath behind the cake stand is one of my favorite purchases, and so affordable! The gold leaves are sturdy but show such delicate features.

bread box

Another favorite purchase was this ivory vintage-looking bread box. It sells out quickly but the company is providing an email waitlist. It’s such a great statement piece and it keeps our bread loaves fresh for days.
pumpkin candle

small fall candle

Candles are a must-have with every season and my favorite scents to burn are these pumpkin spice candles from Target and this pumpkin clove candle from Anthropology. When burning together they give off a spicy-sweet pumpkin scent, making the whole house smell amazing!
apples in bowl

kitchen view

back of kitcen

I hope you enjoyed this White and Gold Kitchen Fall Tour, it was a lot of fun getting to decorate our kitchen!

Check back soon for a tutorial on how to create your own hydrangea wreath, plus more Fall recipe posts to come!

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