Chic Neutral Halloween Decor

living room photo with Halloween home tour fireplace

It’s hard to believe the fall season is here! Autumn is a great reminder that when life starts over, new beginnings are ahead. Looking back over the last two years, we’ve accomplished a lot in our home and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. One of our biggest home projects was our dark to light white and gold kitchen remodel. This year, we had our entire interior painted white, along with adding a few lighting upgrades and new furniture. Slowly but surely our house is becoming the home we’ve envisioned.

Decorating this year felt special. I wanted to keep a neutral Halloween theme throughout the home while maintaining a light and airy feel. Of course, what’s Halloween without a few ghosts and skeletons? It’s the time of year everyone gets creative, showcasing both classy Halloween accessories and spooky decorations. I made sure to include a bit of both. Some tasteful and timeless pieces in every room, while still getting into the Halloween spirit.

I hope you enjoy this chic neutral Halloween home tour and that it inspires you to create some Halloween fun in your home too!

fireplace with candles, white pumpkins and skeletons on it for Halloween, a tv with a photograph of white flowers on it is above the mantel

close up photo of candles on gold candle sticks, skeleton sits next to the candles

This chic neutral Halloween fireplace mantel was easily created by adding a few spooky skeletons to fit the scene, surrounded by brass tapered candles, clear crystal votives, and ceramic white pumpkins. The realistic glow creates a romantic feel, but you could always opt for battery-operated candles to avoid the risk of flames. Similar to last season, these timeless neutral pumpkins will serve our home well, year after year. The majority of Halloween decorations I found were made with vibrant colors, but they didn’t quite fit our home. My biggest decor tip is to invest in the things you love, essential decorations you can use for years to come while adding trendy pieces here and there.


white candles with a skeleton standing next to them

white flowers in a vase on a glass table, a pumpkin scented candle sits next to it. Halloween Home tour living room


a white pumpkin and a white coton de tulear dog sits in front of a fireplace

a kitchen with hanging gold lantern lights, 3 stools and halloween decorations

Continuing our chic neutral Halloween fall tour into our kitchen, you’ll notice more fresh cut roses and some hydrangeas in the back. Although I love faux flowers, fresh flowers are a always great addition. In my opinion, fresh flowers do not take near as much time to arrange and really enhance a room in terms of aesthetic appeal. It’s an easy way to bring life into your home, and party guests will adore them.

a side view of the kitchen

another view of the kitchen, white flowers can be seen

white flowers next to a gold faucet

Instead of a spooky Halloween wreath, I opted for this chic cream-colored wreath made of dried shola flower. I love its texture and shape which fits perfectly against the front door of our pantry. Unlike most autumnal wreaths with an orange color palette, you could keep this neutral-colored wreath up year-round.

dried shola flower wreath

I added a mixture of faux and real small pumpkins to the kitchen for texture. A great way to display them is to add them to a large serving bowl, jar, or cake stand.

a white pumpkin in a cake stand, halloween home tour kitchen

three glass jars with Halloween home tour decorations

These large glass gallon size jars are perfect for displaying elegant Halloween decor fillers. You could use this idea for any season throughout the year. I filled the jars with mini skeleton heads, faux pumpkins, and white ghost peeps to get into the spooky spirit.


shot of a glass jar with plastic skeleton heads and white marshmallow ghosts in another jar

kitchen with white and gold stools and gold lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Halloween home tour kitchen

gold mirror with bats and cobwebs decorated on it. A white glass pumpkin sits on a dress next to a black skull, a crystal lamp, and white flowers in a vase

For a dramatic creepy effect in our foyer, I added fake cobwebs across the gleaming primrose mirror, with a cluster of black bats surrounding the outside. The terracotta skull vase adds a modern touch, along with the skeleton hand on top of the crystal orb.

a chest with gold handles with a gold mirror and halloween home tour decorations sitting on the chest

black skull ceramic sitting on a Louis Vuitton book

This classy glass pumpkin is one of my favorite pieces.

white glass pumpkin, halloween home tour decoration

I hope you enjoyed this chic neutral Halloween home tour. It’s the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit, using actual decor pieces that stand the test of time. Happy Halloween!


foyer chest with a gold mirror and Halloween home tour decorations

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